Do you need an insurance agency evaluation? Do you need a Cash Flow Analysis for loan/purchase?

One of the most difficult tasks facing business owners/banks today is evaluating insurance values. How does one business compare to others in the marketplace? How much someone pays for a privately owned business depends on the appetite of the buyer. Supply and demand plays a major part in values as well as the required rate of return.  Also considered is the geographic area, market trends, asset liquidity, financing options as wells as company's current operations. Are they profitable  or are they understaffed? Therefore, the price that is paid for a business can be greater or less than its fair market value based upon these considerations. This price is generally referred to as investment value.

At SAMM Staffing & CONSULTING LLC, we commit ourselves to helping our clients understanding value to achieving success in their organization.  We understand the challenges of all phases of the business evaluations , we have tailored our reports to meet the specific needs of lenders, banks, and business owners. We make the processes as easy as possible with detailed but readable reports.

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Organizations find our services to be highly effective because they reduce and/or eliminate company costs providing a reduction in your bottom line.
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Agency Evaluation: Our trained consultants will use your detailed provided data to ensure that all evaluations meet your specific requirements. Our experienced consultants will assess  each insurance agency/business to determine the "right fit" based on your criteria. We will use our extensive database and refer only the best and most accurate evaluations to you.  Along with our "right fit" criteria, we also consider your budget requirements as part of our assessment to ensure your "right fit" is also economical and consistent with your financial objectives.  Our consultants will also extend concierge-level of service by meticulously facilitating the evaluation process.
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