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Why should you hire SAMM Staffing & CONSULTING, LLC when exploring the sale of your agency? 

This is a common question among owners who are used to doing everything themselves.  Read on to learn more about SAMM Staffing & CONSULTING's approach to agency sales and how we have successfully closed over $50 million in premium sales in a single year!

Preparing for a Sale

Deciding to sell your firm is a decision not to be taken lightly.  Financial, book of business, and employee information will need to be compiled in order to successfully paint a picture for potential buyers.  Just as one wouldn't attempt to sell a car without first cleaning things up and making sure major issues that would turn away a buyer are addressed, we will consult with a potential seller to uncover possible stumbling blocks that could prolong the close of a deal.  Based on our experience, it is important to identify a comprehensive snapshot of a book of business to include, but not limited to, financial details regarding the book of business, operating and management profiles as well as employee information.  By doing so; this allows SS&C™ to address potential issues before the sells process.
the purchase of an agency requires a lot of time & effort. SS&C™ will handle all of the important aspects of locating an agency.

Call Us Today at 678-223-7397 or 855-306-8627 

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Call Us Today at 678-223-7397 or 855-306-8627
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